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Sophie Scholl and the White Rose Society “We will not be silent. We are your bad conscience. The White Rose will not leave you in peace!” This piece of writing from the fourth White Rose leaflet is a strong representation of how Sophie Scholl and the other White Rose creators felt about Hitler and his Nazism. When the rise of Hitler came to be, majority of the German population were willing to follow him or too scared to say otherwise. However, there was still a minority of people who were completely anti-Nazi and an even smaller portion who were willing to speak up about it. Within this smaller portion were siblings Hans and Sophie Scholl and their group of university friends. Sophie Scholl was known as the “heart” of the White Rose Society. This is the life of Sophie, her involvement in the White Rose, and the impact that the White Rose had on her death.

Hans and Sophie were born into a Lutheran Christian home filled with love and
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...Hans and Sophie carried a large suitcase filled with copies of the sixth White Rose pamphlet into a lecture hall at the University of Munich. They placed piles of the leaflets outside the classrooms, on windowsills, and on the large stairway that led down to the main floor. They had just left the building when Sophie suddenly realized that there were perhaps 100 more leaflets left in the suitcase. They went back inside, climbed the stairs to the top top landing of the university’s inner court, and tossed the remaining leaflets into the air, just as students were exiting their lecture halls (Atwood).
This would sadly be the last act that they would do as free Germans. When they tossed the remaining leaflets off of the top landing, a custodian named Jakob Schmid saw them just as the leaflets hit the floor. They tried to escape in the crowd, but Schmid followed them and made sure that they were
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