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He couldn't believe his eyes. Damon and Bonnie, Bonnie and Damon. He kissed her and drank from her. He always knew she was special to him. He knew she loved him. But never in their excruciating journey he imagined this. Both of them fought so hard for Elena. Why did his brother kept seeking Bonnie? But is was really something special? or It was the mere act of drink her blood? He shrugged a little. Everything was more complicated that he ever envisioned. It wasn't Damon's normal character. His brother had a thing of red heads and with their tumultuous sibling relationship it never occurred to him to ask him why. More than a half a millennium ago they fought for another golden beauty. A mischievous, trickster and deadly beauty, but a …show more content…

And for Damon he discovered he was meant to mesh with this pure soul with sadness embedded and hopes that reach far away more than the stars. This soul was not Elena's. It can't be! He had share his soul with Elena too. He can't be meant for this two maidens. It was just not possible. He has to run away from this fairy vixen who willingly let him do to her whatever he wants. No questions asks. That's not good. Not at all. What has he done? Was his Little Bird so accommodating because of his compulsion? The doubt crept through his mind. That made him blink and fight to return to sanity. He has to stop drinking. Reluctantly he claim his soul back. He detached his soul from Red Bird's soul. He felt her cry for his abandonment. He force his soul to recoil because his instinct was to be eternally attached to her. Slowly the noises came back attacking his fine hearing. The wretched music blasting from those damn speakers. The smells of a drunk humans reached his nostrils. He almost pushed his precious Kitten away. He retracted his fangs and the soft moan of Little Bird called to him. He drank from her, he had broken a promise the first time on his long life. She was there in front of him swaying following his movements. He then realized he was still moving to the softer tune that no longer exists. He stopped and moved his hands to encased his Little Bird face between them. She opened her eyes, big brown and enticing him to stay with her. He kissed her

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