Sound Dynamics, Inc.(Mcs Case)

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Management Control System | Case Study 9-1 | Sound Dynamics, Inc. | ID-09-058 | Mohammad Shakhawat Hossain | 4/8/2010 | | Introduction and Case History: Sound Dynamics was a US-based international manufacturer of audio recording equipment, including consumer and commercial lines. Annual sales volume was approximately $1 billion (US) and total employment had passed the 10,000 mark. Sound Dynamics was organized in three sectors, commercial, consumer, and International. The international sector was composed of subsidiaries in 20 countries…show more content…
the total no of personnel then will be 54+5=59. Summary: Thus the above budget data of consolidated San Remo and Reichard Subsidiary of Sound Dynamics, Inc. we found * Total estimated budget $184000 decrease from a reduction in the number of salaried personnel by 12 through eliminating duplicate jobs. * Due to computerization about 11 personnel reduce that also reduce $138000 from previous year budget. * As workload increase from 10200 to 16400 manufacturing office need extra 12 personnel and that will cost additional $390000. * Due to salary mix the average Annual Salary increased $14,218 to $ 15,914 that will increase $91560 in budget * Due to computerization the total operation cost decrease about $ 103,172 in 1990 and 98,231 in 1991. * It will take $112 to implementing computerized operations control system. 2. After my observation I think Memorandum A and Memorandum C is more details and explain more briefly than memorandum B. Memorandum A gave details information about workload and it clearly explained on which basis the manufacturer office recommend extra 12 personnel and in which department. In memorandum B Financial controller made a flat calculation about increased personnel (39-38) which I think made them confused. Again in

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