Sound Therapy For Mesothelioma Essay

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Sound Therapy for Mesothelioma
Today, people living with cancer are in constant search for new effective techniques, therapies and drugs that can ease the symptoms or make it tolerable at least. There are a number of therapies that indeed helped mesothelioma patients when included into the traditional treatment regimen. This enthusiasm to try something unusual is the first big footstep towards recovery and improvement in the quality of life. One such therapy is the "Sound Therapy", an appropriate expression for several kinds of alternative treatments like music therapy, Tomatis method and vibroacoustic therapy. It is also known as bio-resonance therapy. It uses low-frequency sounds and vibrations to fuel the natural healing power that the body possess. Sound therapy is a part of sound healing which includes humming, chanting, hand-clapping
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Check it with your caregivers if they have such program.

How Does Sound Therapy Helps People with Mesothelioma?
Sound therapy is unlikely to cure mesothelioma but it can help relieve some of the physical and psychological signs of the disease. It also influences the immune system of the body. It can help people with depression, anxiety, memory problems, chronic pain. Chronic pain is a usual yet big problem for mesothelioma patients. Cancer patients who are unwilling to add more pain-killers to their daily dosage of drugs, choose this kind of therapy to restore the hope of lessening the pain.

Expected Cost of Sound Therapy
It got a sliding fee structure and depends on several factors like the devices, therapies, location, duration of the session, the experience of the therapist. Some hospitals and voluntary organizations offer it for free or lowered fee. However, it is expected to range between $40 to $65 for an hour's session.
It is considered as safe, natural and
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