South Carolina Should Reduce Crime Rates Essay

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If correlation could imply causation, then crime rates are extremely high due to the increase amounts of people being incarcerated. South Carolina should offer a proposal to reduce crime rates. Possible proposals to reduce crime rates- offering inmates or ex-convicted felons opportunities to find jobs, developed new skills or trade, and the ability to asses counselling once release. These alternatives can possibly improve not only the society, but also South Carolina. To find a program to reduce incarceration, create a positive outlet, and guide inmates to a second beginning would be wonderful. Think about it- prison’s missions are to reattribute, incapacitate, deterrent, and rehabilitate intimates.
A Program offer for inmates is the Second Chance Program, which is offer at Alvin S Glenn Detention Center. Second chance programs offer intimates and ex-convicted felons, both genders (males and females), the opportunity to reevaluate their problems and learn from prior mistakes. This approach opens many doors and avenues to conquering new beginnings for inmates. However, majority of intimates are not aware of these programs. From volunteering at Alvin’s S. Glen Detention Center, learning that the program offers intimates the sole possibility to rebuild inmate’s lives. Problem that occurs is many intimate do not take the opportunity to use these programs.

Obviously, let’s try to focus on crime rates and trying to reduce crime rates. To some extent,

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