Space Exploration Is A Human 's Dream

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Space exploration is always a human’s dream and it is reflected through countless novels and movies. However, most of them are always about human’s bravery and intelligence who outsmart other aliens and rarely the other way around. Solaris is one of the few exceptions as it shows human is at the mercy of an alien. What makes Solaris special is that in Solaris human is able to archive “miracle” only by submit to the alien. In Solaris, Kelvin despite all the odds is able to archive something that beyond human understand: an “eternal love”. On the surface, the ending of Solaris is a story “reincarnation”, where Kelvin who suffered over the guilt of his dead wife has the “chance” to begin everything again with “Rheya”. However, beneath that “happy ending” is remarkable story of Kelvin archiving “eternal love”. Solaris’s ending may confuse viewer for the first time as it contains details that are misleading the viewer. The ending begins when Kelvin is forced to either to stay or evacuate from the space station. Then Solaris shows us the scene of Kelvin return to Earth with Gordon and some views of his everyday life that closely resemble the one in the beginning. However, the confusion begins as immediately after, Solaris reveals footage of Kelvin staying behind on the space station and waiting to be consumed by the expanding Solaris. While waiting for the demise to come, Kelvin is greeted by an unexpected “visitor”: Gibarian’s son. The innocence boy stretches out a hand to
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