Spacecraft and Mars Orbiter Mission

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Mars Orbiter Mission Mars Orbiter Mission Artist's rendering of the MOM orbiting Mars Mission type Mars orbiter Operator ISRO COSPAR ID 2013-060A SATCAT № 39370 Website Mission duration 300 days Spacecraft properties Bus I-1K[1] Manufacturer ISAC Launch mass 1,337 kg (2,948 lb)[2] Dry mass 500 kg (1,100 lb)[3] Payload mass 15 kg (33 lb)[4] Dimensions 1.5 metres (4 ft 11 in) cube Power 840 watts[1] Start of mission Launch date 5 November 2013, 09:08 UTC[5] Rocket PSLV-XL C25[6] Launch site Satish Dhawan FLP Contractor ISRO Orbital parameters Reference system Areocentric Periareon 365.3 km (227.0 mi) Apoareon 80,000 km (50,000 mi) Inclination 150.0° [7] Period 76.72 hours Epoch Planned Mars…show more content…
Radhakrishnan announced that the launch had to be postponed by a week as a result of a delay of a crucial telemetry ship reaching Fiji Islands. The launch was rescheduled for 5 November 2013.[27] The PSLV rocket lifted off at 09:08 UTC (2:38 p.m. IST), and placed the satellite into Earth orbit at 09:50 UTC,[28] with a perigee of 264.1 km, an apogee of 23,903.6 km, and inclination of 19.20 degrees,[29] with both the antenna and all three sections of the solar panel arrays being deployed.[30] During the first three orbit raising operations, ISRO has progressively tested the autonomy functions of the spacecraft that are essential for trans-Mars injection and Mars orbit insertion.[31] The systems tested satisfactorily are: • The prime and redundant chains of gyros and accelerometers. • Liquid motor attitude control thrusters. • Attitude, orbit control electronics and associated logics for their fault detection isolation, and reconfiguration. • Functioning of the prime and redundant star sensors. Orbit raising manoeuvres[edit] Orbit-raising burns Date Burn time Resulting apogee (Km) 5 November (Launch) 15:35 min in 5 stages[32] 23,903 6 November 416 s 28,825 7 November 570.6 s 40,186 8 November 707 s 71,636 10 November Incomplete 78,276 12 November (Supplementary) 303.8 s 118,642 [33] 16 November 243.5 s 192,874 Several orbit raising operations were
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