Spanish-American War

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The Spanish-American War was fought between the United States, and Spain. Sadly it’s not a popular subject in high schools these days, so most students don’t know anything about this war. The Spanish-American War marked a new beginning for the United States, Cuba and Spain. These countries where affected by the war because the Spanish American war would end the Spanish Empire, create a new one, and give a colony its independence.
The Spanish American war was about Cubin Independence. At the time of the war Cuba had been a colony of Spain. Most people in America today don’t know this simply because they do know about the Monroe Doctrine. The Monroe Doctrine kept Europe out of the new world but it didn’t take away the …show more content…

The war in the Pacific was also important because the Spanish also no longer had a fleet to govern and protect its colonies, leaving them open for rebellion and attack. At the same time as the war in the Philippines a US fleet of four ships lead by Captain Henry Glass moved on Guam. When the Fleet approached the Island of Guam, they fired one round out of each gun upon the fort guarding the harbor. They were confused when instead of firing back, the Spanish sent a cruiser out to replace there ammo and gun powder. The Spanish thought the fleet was saluting their authority (navies do this to military bases to show they do not intend on fighting, they just need some supplies). When asked, the Spanish Commander had no idea there was a war between Spain and the United States. The Spanish surrendered the island and left with the American troops as POWs (Prisoners of War). This was yet another heavy blow to Spain because the United States now had a base to put supplies to fight wars in the Pacific
The war also took place in the Caribbean in Cuba and in Puerto Rico. On the shores of Cuba many battles had been fought and new tactics were developed. The American forces still used standard military tactics of line up, point, and shoot, also known as revolutionary fight to the United States. The Spanish had developed more modern ways of combat. They used modern cover fire techniques, simply meaning they hid behind solid objects and fired

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