Spanish Culture

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Spanish culture
Spain is a very geographic diverse country, ranging from deserts, beaches, and mountains. Spain is deeply rooted in tradition due to the many outside influences throughout time. Spain is the third largest country in Europe. Spain became part of NATO, and then joined the European Union in 1986. After this the economy of Spain increased significantly, placing Spain firmly on the Western economy map and gained major trading partners. The country is a highly developed and stable democracy.
Spanish Family Values
. The family is the basis of the social structure and includes both the nuclear and the extended family, which sometimes provides both a social and a financial support network.
. Today, it is less common than
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Masculinity Vs Feminity -- Machismo is the word for male dominance, and the culture of old men who created it has changed dramatically. Spain is a very equalitarian society, the birth rate is the one of the lowest in Europe, and women are present at university and work.

High Context vs. Low Context --Take a look how members of high and low contextual cultures see themselves and their opposites:

|High Context Communication |Low Context Communication |
|polite |open |
|respectful |true |
|integrates by similarities/harmony |integrates by authenticity |
|not direct |direct |
|High Context claims Low Context |Low Context claims High Context |
|impolite |hiding information |
|“cannot read between the lines” |not
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