Spart The Most Unfortunate Events

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As it turns out, it might have been fate that Thrasybulus’s trial ended so quickly, for Athens had much bigger things to worry about. Over the past few weeks, the Persian Empire had attacked a few surrounding city-states, notably Sparta. It was of utmost importance that we discussed what we were going to do about these most unfortunate events. After discussing the problem at hand, it was apparent the members of the Assembly had different ideas of what was the best approach. The Socratics decided Athens needed to worry about itself first and gather its strength before entering yet another war. The Oligarchs agreed that we were not equipped with the proper resources needed to go to war. Many of the citizens also voiced their opinions and did not want to go to war. However, the same citizens voiced concern on lack of defenses if attacked. The Democrats both agreed that it would be wise to try and rebuild some sort of military in case it was needed. However, the Socratics and Oligarchs continued to argue that Athens did not have the means to do so at this time and that building an army would only alarm Sparta and cause them to attack us. Eventually, the Sailor approached the stand with a possible solution to the problem at hand. He suggested that we send out tribute missions to collect money from surrounding city-states as we did before. This money could then be used to fund our military or wall reconstruction. When concern about the safety of such missions was voiced, it

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