Sparta 's Dependence On Persian Money

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Sparta’s dependence on Persian money in the last years of the war reflects another consequence of this alliance. At the onset of the Peloponnesian War, Sparta positioned itself as the liberators of Greece. They justified their aggression by claiming their primary objective was to free those living under Athenian tyranny. Thucydides claims most Greeks hoped for a Spartan victory, Men’s feelings inclined much more to the Spartans, especially as they proclaimed themselves the liberators of Hellas. No private or public effort that could help them in speech or action was omitted; each thinking that the cause suffered wherever he could not himself see it. So general was the indignation felt against Athens, whether by those who wished to escape from her empire or were apprehensive of being absorbed by it. After Athens’ defeat at Syracuse in 413, the pro-Sparta sentiment intensified. Previously neutral cities joined the Peloponnesians, and Sparta’s allies contributed heavily in ships and money in hopes of ending the war quickly. However, because Persian support inevitably also meant the abandonment of Ionian Greeks to the empire, the alliance with the Asian king destroyed this goodwill and reduced the willingness of their allies to contribute to the war effort. The first official treaty, signed in the summer of 412, favored the Persians to a laughable degree. The pact required Sparta to recognize all territory held by Darius’ ancestors as under Persian control. In addition to

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