The Cause that Led to the Beginning of the Peloponnesian War Essay

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The Cause that Led to the Beginning of the Peloponnesian War

Ancient Greece during 4th Century BC was home to the city states of Sparta and Athens, who during this time were the superpowers of the region. The Peloponnesian war between these city states and their respective allies lasted from 431-404 BC, although conflicts between the two had dated back further. Major fighting in the war occurred from 431-421 and ended in Athenian victory. However, renewed conflict raged between 413 and 404 which resulted in Spartan victory.

The Peloponnesian war between Athens and Sparta evolved from a string of events which I am going to look at to see if there was a single cause for this war.

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Although Potidaea was a member of the Delian League, Athens and her allies, it had maintained the right to receive magistrates from its mother city every year. Tired of paying tribute to Athens and resentful of Athenian rule the citizens of Potidaea supported a revolt to expel Athenian power.

Both sides sent forces to Potidaea and once again Athenians were battling with Corinthians. Due to aiding the people of Potidaea, Corinth faced an embargo by Athens which enraged Sparta. Any appeals to Athens to stop the embargo were ignored, forcing the Spartans to coviene the Peloponnesian council and lead the two cities one more step closer to war.

Thucydides wrote “the growth of the power of Athens and the alarm which this inspired (in Sparta) made war inevitable.” This comment shows another element that contributed to the cause of the Peloponnesian war.

After the Persian wars, there was a development of Athenian control when the Delian league was formed which was an alliance of cities based around Athens. Each city contributed funds to help maintain

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