Spartech Corporation: a Financial Ratio Analysis Essays

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Spartech Corporation is a leading producer of extruded thermoplastic sheet and rollstock, polymeric compounds, and custom engineered plastic products. Their annual production capacity amounts to more than 1.7 billion pounds produced in manufacturing facilities located throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico and Europe.
The company's financial ratios for 2004, 2005, and 2006 were analyzed and indicates that the company is not without problems.
The current ratio for the company has been on a steady decline over the last three years. From the standpoint of a creditor, the reduction of the company's current ratio is not good as the company's short term liabilities is outgrowing its current assets. However, when you look at the …show more content…

If it is giving them net 30 days, it needs improvement; however, based on the last three years, the receivable turnover is showing signs of improvement which is good for the company's cash flow.
The company's Sales to Total Assets have also shown improvement over the last three years. This indicates the company has been able to use its existing assets efficiently to generate greater sales for the company. A review of the company's balance sheets indicates total assets have shrunk over the last three years while the company's sales have improved over the last three years. As an investor, this is a good sign, however, it could mean the company has reached its capacity output level and may need to raise cash to support future growth.
The Total Debt to Total Asset ratio figure for the company has show a downward trend over the last three years. Both the assets and the liabilities of the company has declined, however, the decline in the company's liabilities have declined faster then their assets. From an investor standpoint, this is good as the company is now able to take on additional debt to help support growth. This additional debt, however, must first be viewed along side the company's Times Interest Earned to ensure the company can support the debt. In a time of increased sales however, the company has been able to increase capital equipments and pay down debt which is really good sign for the company.
The Time-Interest-Earned ratio showed some mixed

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