Special Education For All Handicap Children Act Essay

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Special education in a public school setting must have efficient collaboration amongst the entire team who are involved with the child. The collaboration can consist of the parents, regular education teacher, special education teacher, principle, counselor, Diagnostician, bus driver, Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapist, Speech Therapist, Audiologist, nurse, physical education teacher, vision teacher, assistive technology specialist, and cafeteria workers. Effective collaboration amongst the team members is important so everyone is on the same page for effective and consistent programing. Serving special needs students in the schools has been identified as a strong need for many years. In the book, “Providing Physical Therapy Services”, Irene R. McEwen PT speaks about the history of the laws regarding special education. In November 1975, the United States congress passed public law 94-142. This law was the climax of many laws and court cases from the 1960s to the early 1970s. The law helped define the rights of children and adults with disabilities. Part B of the Education for All Handicap Children Act (EHA) guaranteed the right for all children to a free and appropriate education. There have been provisions to help clarify the law which includes; (1) the concept of “zero reject”; (2) the concept of lease restrictive environment; (3) development of individualized education programs; (4) provisions of related services; (5) and the right of parents to request a due
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