Special Education For Students With Disabilities

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Special Education in early childhood classrooms are a privilege for students. Parents or guardians need to be educated on the special education laws, referrals, and evaluation process. As educators we need to advocate to parents or guardians that special education is not a location, but a service to help children reach their full potential in the classroom and as a citizen of society. The earlier the intervention for a child the greater the chance the child will succeed. The United States has formed many laws to protect the rights of individuals with disabilities. According to Gargiulo (2012), “the judicial action and legislative enactments have been two forces that have been powerful tools in securing many of the benefits and rights presently enjoyed by more than 6.5 million pupils with disabilities.” (p.43). The Individuals with Disabilities Act was created to enhance the educational performance of students with disabilities. According to Gargiulo (2012), “IDEA has increased the focus of special education from simply ensuring access to education to improving the educational performance of students with disabilities and aligning special education services with the larger national school improvement efforts that includes standards, assessments, and accountability.” (p.55). This act has played a critical role in the development of special education. IDEA has ensured that students are receiving the proper resources and services to perform to the best of their
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