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Special Populations:

High School Counseling

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Adolescence is a period of dramatic and revolutionary change. In western cultures it is the time of life, either most reviled, depicted as posing the greatest threat to the established order of things, or most celebrated and romanticized, in particular within the sphere of popular culture, for its creative and challenging energies. At its onset, adolescence can be seen as the beginning of the end of childhood and as such is a time of mourning for the loss of the relative dependency and security of childhood, characterized by attempts at recapturing what
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This is certain for adolescents. However, the characteristics of the individuals should remain heterogeneous, after all, in high school several students of various backgrounds experience similar issues.
Since the environment among a school is not that of a clinic or an outside counseling practice, certain planning needs to occur while forming groups. Rather than client’s willingly signing up or seeking out a group, a survey would be completed by faculty and staff to identify potential group members. Students would also participate in the survey process, giving perception of their needs. These surveys would be a form of data collection necessary in addressing needs that could otherwise be unknown. Following this, a meeting with potential group members would take place individually. The students would be informed about the group and what they may gain from it. Expectations, participation and confidentially would also be discussed. From these meetings, the counselor would then be able to determine the student’s interest level and seriousness of need or participation. With careful evaluation, this screening leads to group selection. Informed consent would be introduced and could have been completes prior to the screening. Although minors need parental consent, it is still essential for all students participating to sign and understand the informed consent. Prior to the group meeting, it is the counselor’s

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