Speech About Benjamin Franklin

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Today we are gonna be talking about Benjamin Franklin and the stuff he has helped with during the Revolutionary War.
“The constitution only gives people the right to pursue happiness. You have to catch it yourself”
“In 1776, Benjamin Franklin was one of the 5 member committee. That helped draft the declaration of independence, in which the 13 Americans colonies which the 13 colonies declared their freedom from the british. That current year, the congress sent Franklin to France to enlist the nations that helped with the war.” So he would help with the drafting for the war.
What is Benjamin Franklin famous for? “Benjamin Franklin is famous for many things. He is famous for being a printer, writer, scientist everyone knows he’s famous for his experiments with electricity.” Everyone already knows that he is most well known for what he did with electricity . (what he’s famous for)
Let's talk about Benjamin's life. His Childhood was pretty average. He was born on Milk Street Boston, Massachusetts on January 6th 1705 and baptized at old south meeting house. He was one out of 17 kids. (his child years) Now let's talk about his popularity. HIs popularity in France during his time living there. The country said they were neutral and took some great measures to help the U.S. during the war. (his popularity) Now about his success. “Not a lot of people know about Ben’s success in the war. Ben had to live in Paris, France for almost a decade. He was very respected for his political

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