Speech Language Pathologist

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For my research I have chosen to discuss the key role of a Speech Language Pathologist (SLP). Speech Language Pathologists can best be recognized as qualified practitioners that identify, diagnose and treat communicative disorders (Serpanos & Senzer, 2015). There are two types of disorders that a SLP can be used for: speech disorder and language disorder. A speech disorder can best be described as a person that has trouble producing sounds correctly or fluently. A language disorder is recognized as someone who has trouble expressing thoughts, feelings and ideas through speech. SLP’s are taught how to treat each pf these disorders. Speech Language Pathologists can earn an undergraduate degree in a particular program that will suffice the needs …show more content…

There are many factors that can lead to particular speech disorders such as brain injuries, audio deficiencies, age, and many more. A common problem leading to speech disorders can be identified as Otitis Media with Effusion (OME). OME is an audio problem occurring in the middle ear of children ranging from ages six months to four years (Serpanos & Senzer, 2015). With proper screening starting at birth, Speech Language Pathologist are able to identify this medical condition early on. Speech disorders stemming from brain injury is something that has been researched for a long time. It has been argued that SLPs are “among the most qualified in school settings to meet the demands of detecting and managing concussion given their knowledge of cognitive- communication disorders,” (Duff & Stuck, 2015). Research is being conducted to identify the relation between elderly age and speech disorders. As of now, memory is a key factor to those of an older age. Speech language pathologists use certain tests to “be aware of how memory deficits may influence the outcome of language competence while assessing the language of elderly clients,” (Rao, 2015). With correct studies and proper research, SLPs are able to properly identify problems that accrue over time with

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