Speech On Cognitive Ecstasy

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Wake up, go to school, football practice in the afternoon, come home in the evening, shower, eat. But wait there’s more; chores, homework, all the while there’s a new Walking Dead episode on tv. How can one be so busy with school, sports, homework, home life, and still not have any free time? Don’t worry you’re not alone, there are teens just like you all over the nation, who are struggling to devote time to their curiosity or cultivating passion. So what can you do to undermine those struggles, and focus on your inner being? I believe that in order to preserve, protect, and grow one’s passion, an individual must be persistent, make friends based on their interest, and create an escape for themselves using their passion. The best way to grow your passion is having grit, and determination towards your goal. John Silva talks about human beings’ drive for information in his video The Ecstasy of Curiosity, “Human beings don’t care about spectacle. What they care about is ecstatic understanding… In other words, cognitive ecstasy.” Jason Silva refers to cognitive ecstasy as this natural drive in people that make them pursue their passion, even when the odds are against them. This determination, this persistence is embedded in all of humanity, some people just find it quicker than others. Being Persistent will allow you to become more productive, and it will become easier to devote your time to something you love. Another way to get involved with your passion, and ease your

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