Speech On Hurricane Katrina

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Hello. This is Jessie Osborn coming at you from the Pineville News Station.

A week ago, New Orleans was hit with a catastrophic hurricane, known as Hurricane Katrina. Over 1,800 people have lost their lives. In addition to the death toll, Katrina has left thousands of people homeless,and has destroyed over 800,000 housing units. As of today, Katrina has been ranked the most costly hurricane, with an estimated damage of over 81 billion dollars, with costs over 160 billion dollars to clean up the damages. Such a tragic event. We will have more at the end of today’s news cast. Now, onto the weather, today we have a temperature of 78 degrees with a high of 93 and a low of 62 degrees. Wind speeds of 2 miles per hour blowing in from the SE which should rise to 9 miles per hour around 6pm. With a 0% of precipitation which

For sports,NFL Jerry Rice, has announced that he will be retiring from football. Rice retires
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Hurricane Katrina was ranked the 3rd strongest hurricane to strike the United States.After hours of the storm still in New Orleans 80% of the town was under water some spots the water reached up to 20 feet. After Katrina had hit many countries were sending donations to those that were struck. Here are some of the countries Kuwait, Qatar,India,China, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, but Kuwait came out on top with the biggest donation of 500 million dollars.As of today everyone that has ben struck by Katrina or is near someone that has ben involed is all banning together to help clean up what was destryoed and make thier town great
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