Speech On The Death Of George Orwell 's ' I Told You I '

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He had said hello enough times and was about to hang up. Whoever it was that had called him five times in a roll. It was a new number that only a few knew and he meant counting on less than two hands. He hears someone clear their throat. “Hello.” “Hi,” said a soft, slurred, and seriously voice. “Did you know I always had a hard time telling you I love you?” “I told you to never…” “Don’t worry about that. Did you know I told my grandfather, he should die? He will not let me renounce being the heir, so I can be with you so I think one of us should not be around any longer. Why do you think he hates me so much? He is the reason why you don’t like me anymore.” “Alanine,” said Snap frightened, “where are you?” “You cannot come here. I have a restraining order to me so I can never see you again. That’s right. You are always on TV with that person. Do you know how much I want to see you? That would be nice. Wow, that would be nice if we were on TV together, but I can’t see you anymore like that. Do you know Eldred? No you would not know Eldred. He is the boy, my grandfather wants me to marry. I told my people to shoot him with real bullets if they see him. Did you know each day I have to tell new people to shoot him with real bullets if they see him? Jonathan, why did you leave me? You said you would never leave me. Now you are married and married to a girl who the queen likes. Do you think the queen would have liked me if we had got…
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