Speech On The Death Of George Orwell 's ' I Told You I '

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He had said hello enough times and was about to hang up. Whoever it was that had called him five times in a roll. It was a new number that only a few knew and he meant counting on less than two hands. He hears someone clear their throat. “Hello.” “Hi,” said a soft, slurred, and seriously voice. “Did you know I always had a hard time telling you I love you?” “I told you to never…” “Don’t worry about that. Did you know I told my grandfather, he should die? He will not let me renounce being the heir, so I can be with you so I think one of us should not be around any longer. Why do you think he hates me so much? He is the reason why you don’t like me anymore.” “Alanine,” said Snap frightened, “where are you?”…show more content…
I am not doing so good because I cannot talk to you or see you or be with you or do stuff so everyone can see that I am the one who you love. I cannot talk to you more or you will get mad at me again.” And, the phone went dead. He had to think. He heard a sound in the background that he should know. His mind was racing, listening to how crazed she sounded. He had to remain calm. He couldn’t call her grandfather. The man was mentally sick and would blame him is she… He had to relax and think. He felt a small pressure on the top of his arm. “Was that Bobby you were talking to?” “No, it was Alanine,” he said absentmindedly, and while still trying to… his head snapped up and was now looking at Cody. His mind was so preoccupied with what he heard over the phone he didn’t hear her come in. “So what was her excuse to piss you off now?” she laughed. “You’re not really my wife, so get your hands off me,” he snarled hotly, as he ran out of the room. - When he found her, she was lying on the floor. There was a mess next to her. When she raised her head and saw him she smiled, then emptied her stomach where the other mess was. He didn’t know if he was relieved or angry. When she was finished, she neglectfully wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and squint her eyes as if seeing him in the
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