St. Louis Narrative

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“Louie...Louie!!” She shouted at him. His attention was elsewhere, and she knew every day around this time she came second, but she couldn't help but call his name. “Louie, answer me.” “What?” he barked as he finally turned towards her. As he loomed over her, standing at the foot of their bed, buried in his cellphone, she got her first good look at him for the day. She took in his ragged demeanor; his dirty worn out clothes too large for his scrawny frame. Through a tear in his pants she could see a cut on his leg, no doubt attained by begging on the streets of St. Louis. She never saw him do it anymore but there was no doubt in her mind that he had kept that habit, among others. His disheveled black hair was covered by a grimy nondescript…show more content…
While she regarded him so thoroughly he barely looked at her, except to make eye contact and give her a complete grimace so she would truly understand his mood. In the coming months he will wish he had taken more notice of her, had created more of a mental image with which he could remember her. Her mousy face, and dull brown hair. He honestly couldn't recall what color her eyes were. Deep down he knew it wasn't his fault, how could he have known this would be the last time he would see her? “Louie, you shouldn't yell, you'll wake up the neighbor’s baby.” She squeaked out. She had seen said neighbors take the baby out in a stroller not twenty minutes ago, but she wanted an excuse to get him to stop yelling. “Fuck the neighbors, fuck their baby, and fuck you. I need this and you're not helping me at…show more content…
He owes me and he won't call back.” “Look,” she said as she inched towards him “either he'll call back, or he won't. Yelling about it won't help.” She got right behind him and put her lips to his ear. “Please come back to bed.” “No.” “Please...” “NO!” He shouted as he whipped around to face her. In his anger he hadn't realized how close she had gotten and accidentally elbowed her in the eye as he spun around. Although not intentional, he hit her hard enough to knock her backwards onto the bed. Louie looked at her in dismay for a second, before softly calling out “Babe..?” “Maybe you should just go.” she said harshly. “Babe, I didn't mean to..” “Here,” she said as she threw her phone at him. “I'm glad you have your priorities straight.”
She stormed off to the bathroom, leaving Lou to momentarily have his attention undividedly focused on her for the first time all morning. After a few seconds, however, he glanced down at the small phone in his hand, and began dialing the number he had memorized by heart. It rang twice, then a man answered “Amanda, tell Lou I'll have what I owe him by tonight, if he'll stop
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