Speech On The Oppressed By Paulo Freire

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Mohamad Afiq Md Daud
Conversation Plan

In Pedagogy of the Oppressed, Paulo Freire describes about what the education system supposedly need to be. He critiques that the education during his era is almost as similar as dictatorship. In this style of education, teacher has the superiority over their students. The teacher is the one who know everything, while the students are considered to know nothing, and that is absolutely unfair towards the students because they do not have the chance to "learning". Furthermore, based on Kirp 's excerpt entitled 'Make School a Democracy ', he reveals the solution towards the education system problem during Freire 's era. The solution is also known as Escuela Nueva (New School) model. Hence, what do I realize is the education is a process of teaching and learning between the teacher and the students. An effective education system leads the students in becoming a person with a good thinking skills who able to understand the facts rather than memorizing it. Based on what I have read, I recognized that both Freire and Kirp have a similar main idea in fighting for the education rights. They suggest that education needs to be an interactive learning. Both teacher and students need to communicate by making discussion or sharing opinions; this theory is also called as problem-posing education. For example, a teacher is posing a question for the students, and he or she has already prepared the answer; however, the students independently

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