Speech : ' Speech Therapy '

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The origin: Elementary School, I was seven years old and completely friendless. This second grader had just gotten done being the laughing stock with her two bright casts taken off her legs and the wheelchair being removed. Hard times had not quite started to fade yet, sadly I learned slower than the other kids at this time in life. Now instead of being the physically handicapped like before I couldn’t help, but feel mentally impaired to top it off. This in turn trapped me in “Speech Therapy”. A wretched place that was made to undermine students reducing their confidence and overwhelming their brains with childish talk. It took the whole year to be released of that horrid place. Now it was to be the third grade and I was determined step out of my comfort zone and get new friends. That’s when I meant the loyal, loving, and trustworthy of a friend Kira Meyer. Together we conquered a years worth of learning with loads of fun. Meeting Kira Meyer that year probably was the best thing that could have ever happened within that year. Ms. Seehusen also became my first mentor on the journey to becoming a great student. She would often have personal talks to keep Kira and I pumped for the rest of the school year. Her sweet actions lead myself to be excited for what was awaiting the next year. After a short summer break, forth grade was about to start. Another great year was ahead as this was the year I meant my dear bestie Brianna Sullivan. This dynamic duo would have often been…
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