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The origin: Elementary School, I was seven years old and completely friendless. This second grader had just gotten done being the laughing stock with her two bright casts taken off her legs and the wheelchair being removed. Hard times had not quite started to fade yet, sadly I learned slower than the other kids at this time in life. Now instead of being the physically handicapped like before I couldn’t help, but feel mentally impaired to top it off. This in turn trapped me in “Speech Therapy”. A wretched place that was made to undermine students reducing their confidence and overwhelming their brains with childish talk. It took the whole year to be released of that horrid place. Now it was to be the third grade and I was determined step …show more content…

Instead of focusing on our studies we were distracted by the world around us, leaving my grades to slightly suffer and my reading comprehension progress to temporarily be put on hold. Despite a minor setback Brianna later encouraged me to be more focussed on school work for the years to come. Not to mention the start of the House of Night series we began together in the school library. Unable to be challenged by the books they featured we decided to share teen fiction and adult books from that point on. You can see, that a mix of all these people and struggles has each taken a role in shaping me for the future. The good years: Intermediate School, began with the fifth grade and a whole new start again. Instead of getting bad grades and barley completing assignments, I was determined to change my ways. Sadly, Brianna was separated from us for both fifth and sixth grade. So going into Intermediate School, it was just good old Kira and I to fend for ourselves. There were two new major people at this time to help me along the journey, Mr. Godfrey and Mia Godfrey. With absolute no actual family relation, these two both played their part. The exact time of initially getting to know Mia is Fuzzy, but each and every day we grew closer as best friends or buff’s if you will. One time while texting Mia she wrote buff instead of BFF, A.K.A we later adapted the name buff for each other. Her smarts put mine to the test as I

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