Attention Deficit Disorder: A Short Story

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Face to face, I sat in front of a person whose words terrified me. His blackened eyes intimidated me. That well rounded man in a white coat spoke so diligently about my “issues”. He soon diagnosed me with an attention deficit disorder. My brain froze with fear and at that moment all my dreams and hopes were shattered into a million pieces. The feeling of being worthless and hollow overwhelmed me. In my head, everything was over. In reality, every door to success had just been opened. Painful events had to occur in my life in order for me to realize how strong of an individual I was. Yet with time, tears, effort, and most of all the support of my AVID teacher, I overcame the anxiety I had due to bullying. As I begun High School, my education was hindered by the endless insults I received from those who bullied me. Being a student with an attention deficit disorder was humiliating. Terra Linda High School was the place where it all took place. Crowds within two giant walls assembled together as they walked side by side. Voices, some deep and some sharp, overwhelmed my eardrums. Walking within those crowds, and knowing I was not wanted there was terrifying. The sound of laughter echoed in my ears; unfortunately it wasn 't the kind that brought warmth to my heart. Instead it raised my adrenaline and made my blood boil with outrage. Being the laughing stock of your classmates can be distressing. Words were shot like bullets, slowly killing me, “Annabear! Go back home!

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