Essay about Sperm Donation: A Viable Option

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The technology of today’s world is astounding. We have learned how to battle diseases that were once thought to lead to a certain death, we have invented incredible technologies that allow us to communicate with people across the world instantly, and maybe most impressively of all, we are able to create human life. We now hold in our hands the technologies that allow those who may not have been able to conceive naturally to have children they can call their own; children who will enrich their lives in a way nothing else can, and who will continue their names and lives after they are gone. In an age where we have more power than ever to use the bodies and DNA of others for our own benefit, it becomes increasingly important that we remain …show more content…

Putting these measures into effect would nearly eliminate the chance of unknown incest becoming a problem.
Many opponents of sperm donation also believe that donation should not be allowed to remain anonymous, citing that this causes negative effects on the resulting children in the long run (Christian Science Monitor); however I believe this should be entirely the donor’s choice. Many countries have already passed laws no longer allowing anonymous donation. According to the article “In Britain, a decline in sperm donors; Anonymous no longer, most say they want to help infertile couples, not just earn extra cash" by the Christian Science Monitor, this ban on anonymous sperm donation has vastly affected the number of donors, resulting in a shortage of sperm available for use. This action does not seem to be the most logical answer as it leaves many people wanting children without means by which they can do so. The effects on the donor conceived children could just as easily be reduced by other methods such as the creation of a national registry that includes more accessible data about their donor, such as medical issues the donor themselves may have and a more detailed family history of medical predispositions; something that many children including Kathleen LaBounty, a young woman with a

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