Spirited Away By Hayao Miyazaki

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Spirited Away In Spirited Away, Hayao Miyazaki introduces a young girl named Chihiro. She’s brought into the Spirit World through the curiosity and greediness of her parents. Miyazaki makes her life problematic because of the simple nature of humans. He realizes that the different negative characteristics that humans have within them lead them to trouble, even children. He claims that “I 'm not going to make movies that tell children, "You should despair and run away".” (Hayao Miyazaki Quotes) With this in mind, Miyazaki attempts to show children that they’re capable of overcoming problems even at the young age that they’re at. Within the spirit world, the apparitions have negative plans for humans, specifically for the future of Chihiro. As if it wasn’t enough for him to put the young girl in a setting with Spirits/Ghosts, he makes it so that these apparitions have negative plans in mind for the humans that they come in contact with. Miyazaki does this in order to put Chihiro in a situation that the audience would see as extremely difficult. He then adds onto Chihiro’s circumstances by creating a complex environment that she has to live in while she’s in the spirit world. He places her in an spa/inn run by a deranged woman who cares more for her gigantic baby than the spa/inn itself. Miyazaki planned and created many different angles of the building in order to depict to the audience the type of situation that Chihiro is to be put in.

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