Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien

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In this case, the relevant parties are Bilbo Baggins acting as plaintiff, and Orc Industries Corporation acting as defendant. This case originates from the dismissal of Baggins as an employee of Orc Industries in May 2007 under the grounds of dishonesty and for coming to work under the influence of alcohol. Orc Industries hired Baggins in December 2006 to assist in the construction of a foundry. After organizing agreements with unions and contractors, Baggins was accused by Orc Industries for arriving at work drunk, citing an empty whiskey bottle found in his desk as evidence. The main issue in this case is Orc Industries terminated Baggin’s employment without just cause. It is stated in the law that, “If an employer alleges they had cause for the dismissal, the burden is on them to prove that there was just cause” (Ministry of Labour). The definition of just cause is described as “the conduct that amounts to a fundamental breach of the employment contract”, which in this case there was a lack of sufficient evidence to support that any breach of the contract had occurred (Canada Legal). Orc Industries claims that the empty bottle of whiskey is sufficient proof, although this is not conclusive evidence that Baggins was ever drunk at work and thus is not sufficient grounds for terminating his employment (DuPlessis et al, 2013). Since Orc Industries did not fulfill their burden of proof for just cause to dismiss Baggins, Baggins can successfully sue Orc Industries for wrongful

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