Spirituality Is An Exceptionally Broad Concept That Leaves

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Spirituality is an exceptionally broad concept that leaves miles of space for discussion and personal interpretation. From a very general perspective, spirituality can be thought of as having a connection with something bigger than ourselves (“What is Spirituality,” 2016). That connection could be with a religious entity (Christ, for example), the physical world, a strong passion, or whatever one feels that the have a connection with. The way in which spirituality can be defined and interpreted is clearly variable from person to person and belief set to belief set. When I think about the term spirituality, I see it as not only my connection with Christ, but also my emotional connection with my personal being and those around me. …show more content…

Personally, I believe that we, in a certain sense, create the nature of the world around us. While say that the world and the things that happen to us are completely under our control is unrealistic, I do think we play a role in forming the nature of our surrounding world. If we carry ourselves in a positive manner, treat others with love and respect, and take the initiative to move our lives forward, we create a world that is positive. On the flip side, if we are overly pessimistic, treat others poorly, and let our lives come to a halt, we are creating a world that is negative and appears to be “out to get us.” While this is the general principle that I believe in, I do realize that there are situation in which it can appear that the world is filled with nothing but negativity, regardless of whether we do our part or not. Suffering though a death of a loved one, severe sickness, or the loss of an important job can have negative affects on a person’s outlook that can be extremely hard to see through.
What is a Human Being? When determining what exactly a human being is, I believe that there are a few different perspectives that shape my personal point-of-view. On one end, a human being can be thought of as simply another living organism. We are born, reproduce, live, and pass, not unlike any other organism. While this is true, I also

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