Spirituality, Religion And Schizophrenia Essay

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Spirituality, Religion and schizophrenia
Often psychiatrist treat patients with schizophrenia disorders who are religious or have some form of spirituality. The focus of the psychiatric care has been shifted from treating mental illness to caring for people who manage their own mental illness. Therefore, it is necessary to include an emphasis on the spirituality and religiousness of those with chronic mental illness and the role that it plays in their care. Spirituality and religiousness has been show as a powerful psychological and social resource for mental health and liability.
Trigger event
During my clinical placement I was assigned to work with a patient suffering from schizophrenia and spirituality disorders. Throughout the first days of placement we were able to read the kardex from our patients. I realize that my patient has a strong religiosity and everything in his kardex was about God. I read some of the patient statements where he provides examples such us “he would do what God told him to do”, the most interesting statements given by the family of the patient was “C.S. compiled 8000 rolls of toilet paper as per God’s wishes at his residence”, another interesting statement told by the patient was “ he couldn’t touch another women it has to be the one that Lord choose for him or his soul will be in hell for eternity”. He was at the forensic unit because he commits a criminal harassment towards to another individual. The patient believe that God choose this

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