Sports Marketing Essay

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The price that we pay is the value that we associate to any product, whether it is a good or service. It is the compensation given to a person or authority to purchase an object or service. The greater the value associated to the product, the greater the price.
The pricing process is dependent upon factors which can be categorized as internal and external factors. The internal factors include the factors that are within the control of the organization or the producer, whereas the external factors are influenced by the market or factors which are beyond the control of the producer.
Internal Factors
The internal factors are inclusive of the marketing mix of the organization and the organizational goals. The product itself is a huge …show more content…

The greater the demand of a product, the greater the associated value, and hence greater will be price. Price is also dependent upon the supply of a product, the lower the supply, the higher the price. The price of a product is also dependent upon the state of the overall economic conditions. At the time of the recent recession, the ticket prices of matches and merchandise were set at a comparatively lower level than at the time of a boom. (Kotler)
Pricing Strategies
Moving on towards the various pricing strategies, the first pricing strategy is the differential pricing. This is to charge different prices to different target markets, which is usually not considered illegal in the case of services. The prices charged differ according to the types of customers being served for example children and disabled people usually get a discount on ticket prices.
The second pricing strategy is the penetration pricing where the product enters newly into the market. To gain some consumer base from the competitors, the seller initially charges a lower price than the competitors. For example the ticket prices initially charged for IPL, Indian Premier League, matches were lower than the ticket price of the competition ICL matches. On the contrary, price skimming strategy is to grab the financially top class of the market and to do this, the seller charges high prices. The effectiveness of this strategy is based upon

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