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Currently at the University of Missouri I am enrolled in their athletic training program. I chose this major because it is in the large and ever expanding medical field and because its connections with the sports. However, I am also exploring careers in criminology and law due to the analyzation of other people minds and the problem solving aspects that are associated with the career. Another major I would be interested in would be sport management because of my dream to be a major league baseball general manager. If I decided to pursue this career, I would explore going to law school with a concentration in sports law. I have not committed to this major as of right now because of the limited opportunities I would have in this field and the …show more content…

For me, I went from a shy girl with an speech impediment who loved and was very knowledgeable about the game of baseball to the first African American president of my youth group, who routinely represent the Follow Youth ministry at mass by giving speeches about the group to the parishioners of my respected church. Furthermore, I want to represent change because of my ambitions to become a general manager of a major league baseball team. If I were to accomplish this goal, I would become the first female general manager in professional sports history. A college education would help me leave a mark in the world because it would be the place I learn the skills to become the best version of myself I can be, therefore enhancing my ability to achieve my goal. College is where I will learn the tools to accomplish this through the many professors I will study from, students I will meet, cultures that I will be exposed to, places I will visit, ideologies that I will foster, and most importantly the experiences that I will gain that would last for the rest of my life that I could parlay into positively impacting the world around

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