Sports Should Be Allowed In Contact Sports

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A controversial issue has been whether or not contact sports should be played in high school. People believe that contact sports should not be allowed to be played by the youth in high school. This issue is serious enough to have safety laws. For instance, a traumatic brain injury (TBI) law is the Zackery Lystedt Law. The Zachery Lystedt Law was the first law to protect the safety of young athletes when the get concussions. This law says that children must not participate in sorts related functions, such as practices and games, until they are medically cleared to do so. Various reasons include exceeded the joys and benefits of playing contact sports. Said reasons include long term injuries, intense amounts of money needed, thus more sponsors needed, and contact sports have a trend of causing drug abuse. On the other hand, others believe that children should be allowed to participate in contact sports during their high school career if they please to do so. One reason is that people claim that sports equipment is developing to become safer. Experts agree that, "Equipment innovations in energy dispersing pads, telemedicine and technology to reduce brain cavitation inside the skull- known as "brain slosh"- will enhance the safety for young athletes." However, the game is also evolving. It is just a matter of fact of which evolves faster, but ask yourself if you can take that chance. The younger generation is said to be our future. People claim that football builds character

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