Sports Stadium Research Paper

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The money received from the federal grant would be best invested in building a sports stadium. The discipline established by sports in a student’s life sometimes goes unnoticed. Life long habits are created, as well as work ethic, a competitive nature, and most importantly a foundation for a healthy lifestyle. The benefits impact many people aside from the athletes as well. People who often omit exercise from their life may be more motivated to go to the stadium to run a few laps. The attractiveness of a modern day sports stadium is motivation to get outside and move. As cliche as it may sound, it is true. Whether you go to simply enjoy the view, or to be apart of an active environment, the benefits of twenty to thirty minutes of exercise are impactful. Part of…show more content…
Sometimes the parks in their neighborhoods do not provide a field where they can go to practice their techniques. The sports stadium provides a track for conditioning. The field provides a chance for football players, baseball players, and soccer players to practice on their own or with other participants. You always hear about the professional athlete who would go to the local field to practice every single day, whether on his own or accompanied by a family member or friend. A sports stadium can further develop an athlete who was previously limited by not having a location to practice. Lastly, the potential revenue of a sports stadium cannot be ignored. The sports stadium can host many events, aside from athletic events. Parties and graduations can be hosted there. Blood drives and awareness-raising events also. Teams looking to use the sports stadium to host their home games will pay good money to compete in a showy environment. Reputation and display holds weight in sports. Then you need to take into account all the fans. A small fee to enter and view the event can go towards the maintenance of the stadium and to the possible expansion of the stadium as
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