Spread The Word To End The Word Video Analysis

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Spread the Word to End the Word

More than a hundred Suffield Academy students stood and roared when Dylan made his three-point shot. I felt the school gym shake, and watched Dylan beaming with pride as he ran up the side of the court. Students in the first row “high fived” him, and his mother waved from the bleachers with tears of joy running down her face. He was himself, and no different from the rest of us who were students and athletes at a top prep school in America. The R word campaign, known as “Spread the Word to End the Word,” arose in 2008 by Special Olympics. The campaigns objective commenced to stop the inappropriate use of the word “retarded,” especially when referring to individuals with special needs. Special Olympics made a inspirational video, and posted it on YouTube as part of the campaign. Many …show more content…

The video shows that these special needs athletes are sport competitors and are showed to be just like us, it also shows their determination, and their joy, and their resilience. The video should remind you that there are many different words to describe who they are and what they are accomplishing in those events. The R word is not one of them, since it cruelly labels all of these athletes as having a disability instead of celebrating what they are accomplishing and what we can learn from them. The Special Olympics video asks us all to take the pledge to not use the R word. But more indirectly, it shows that we should all shudder with hurt when someone uses the R word these days. The word insults an innocent person who has done nothing wrong; instead we should use a word to describe for who they really are. The word allows people to get distracted from seeing peoples strengths, and it negatively focuses on their weaknesses. Instead of celebrating their accomplishments, it suggests that they can never live a regular life, and will always be a

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