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Today, to much informations… let’s get back to the basics.
I’m gonna keep it short, if you want to build a warrior and functional body but also spend more time doing what you love outside the gym – spending hours training different body part everyday and basically living in the gym – you need to keep your workout efficient and focus on multi joint compound movements (exercises that work multiple group of muscles at the same time). Don’t get me wrong, but a true warrior for me is not someone who lifts weight 2 hours everyday splitting each body part. A true warrior is an athlete, someone build for any type of physical tasks, running, sprints, lifting heavy weights, swimming, fighting and so on.
So if you are an athlete from any type of sports and looking to include complementary exercises into your training routine, here are the 3 best exercises for you.
1. Squat
Squat is one of the most foundational
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A study made by the Department of Biological Sciences, University of North Texas proved that multi joint movement free weight like squat increase testosterone and growth hormone production and so help to lose fat and gain muscle mass.
Myths and misconceptions
Many people will argue saying that partial squat ( parallel to the floor and not below the knee cap or below parallel) is the way to go. I am telling you, partial squats are a good way to create muscle imbalances and result in injuries.
Now, you could use partial squat for specific work and then combined with some other exercises in order to fully train legs muscle but the point here is « to do less and get more results in less time » remember time is important for us! For that reason I strongly recommend you to squat with proper form (below parallel) in order to target the all leg, quads, glutes, hamstrings and calves and be time efficient with your
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