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SSMU3.1 – Understanding Sensory Loss – Gemma Nelson (Ashcroft House) 1.1 Analyse how a range of factors can impact on individuals with sensory loss * Impact on Communication Sensory loss can frequently lead to isolation and frustration at not being able to communicate efficiently with other people. With hearing loss, day-to-day activities such as hearing a doorbell, using the telephone, watching television or taking part in conversations can produce feelings of inadequacy within the individual. Not being able to distinguish faces, read the time on a clock or drive can produce the same feelings in a person who has vision loss. Hearing loss interferes with face-to-face communication and can often cause older people to lose…show more content…
Society is better than it used to be at recognising the needs of deaf people; there are more public buildings such as cinemas, theatres and conference facilities that have loop systems so that people who can use hearing aids are able to listen to what is being said or performed. There some events that now have signers to translate speeches and performances. Many television programmes now have access to subtitles and some have signers, although these tend to be late at night. People with any kind of sensory loss can have difficulties in finding employment. Even though the Equality Act and the Disability Discrimination Act mean that employers cannot discriminate, it is hard to convince an employer that a sensory loss does not necessarily mean that someone is unable to do a job. Attitudes such as these can make it difficult for people to maintain self-esteem and can destroy confidence, with the result that they will attempt less, rely on others more and potentially lose their independence. However, there have been some major shifts in attitudes as initiatives such as ‘Our Health Our Care Our Say’, ‘Putting People First’ and ‘Valuing People’ are changing how we look at disability and making people aware that all disabled people have the right to take a full part in society. 1.3 Explore how a range of factors, societal attitudes and beliefs impact on service provision The social model of

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