St. Jerome Catholic Church

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On Sunday September 27, 2015, I attended St. Jerome Catholic Church. The address for this Catholic Church is 116 Denbigh Blvd, Newport News, VA 23608. The service started at 12pm that Sunday afternoon and Father Jong Bayta gave the reading as well as held the communion for the church. There were two other fathers there as well; Father Thomas Pasiden and Father Luke Sanchez. They didn’t say anything throughout the service but helped Father Jong when needed. I soon found out that they were in training to open up their own church soon. The outside of the church was very simple. It is a brick church all around with white trim around the top of the church. They also have family life center (gym) connected to the church were they have many of the youth activities there. All the front doors of the church are lavender with gold door knobs. In front of the main door, they have signs posted into the ground with different information. One sign talks about the times of each mass is held throughout the week and weekend and the other sign talks about the upcoming events that the church has to offer and the ways to get involved. The inside of the church was very vibrant and full of colors. The main colors inside were lavender, yellow, and sky blue. The church had high ceilings and was a very large and spacious. Along with the pews in the front of the church, they also had a few rows of chairs in the back for people of handicap. There were five extra chairs on the pulpit and the podium.…
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