Addiction And Recovery Assignment : An Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting

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Addiction and Recovery Assignment: Going To an Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting For this addiction assignment I attended meeting run by the oldest Alcoholics Anonymous group in Auburn, Maine. This group, the Auburn Serenity Group, was founded in 1959. I found this information on their page when researching meeting information. I attended on Wednesday night (10/8/14) at St. Philips Church on Turner Road in Auburn. The meeting was chaired by a man named Paul. First, let me start by saying that I really did not want to do this assignment. I had an image in my head depicting what it was going to be like, and it wasn’t pretty. After watching enough TV shows showing AA meetings in…show more content…
Crap, did I get the days wrong, I really needed to get this assignment done! There were probably 30 or more people standing outside in the gloom of the church hall entrance smoking and talking. I quickly sent a text to my classmate who I was supposed to meet, “Are you here? Are we in the right place?” It had never dawned on me that there would be more than 10 or 15 people in attendance. My classmate and I managed to find each other in church parking lot and made our way through the cloud of smoke and into the building. We entered a large hall filled with people of all ages. There were at least 50 people there; sitting, standing, hugging, talking and laughing. A couple of people were running a raffle in a corner. Coffee brewed in the small kitchen. I grew up catholic and this had the distinct feeling of being a church function. My classmate and I sat in the back and settled in. We didn’t introduce ourselves. Who would we even begin to introduce ourselves to? We were just a face in the crowd. People starting sitting down and at 8PM the meeting started. “Hi, my name is Paul, and I’m an alcoholic”. To this all replied, “Hi Paul”. We were all welcomed to the Wednesday night meeting of the Auburn Serenity Group. Some group business was taken care of quickly and we headed into the Serenity Prayer. It was easy to fall into the rhythm of this meeting and I found myself saying the prayer too. After all, this was
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