St Louis Brass Concert Report

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This past Thursday, I attended the fourth event in the Presidential concert series. The guest musicians were the wonderful quintet, Saint Louis Brass. They articulately play each note to create a melodious combination with their two trumpets, french horn, trombone, and tuba. During their set, they played a variety of antiqued classics, modern edgy pieces, and smooth jazz. Saint Louis Brass began their set with a harmonious, traditional 1600s tune. I was amazed at how well all the sounds from the brass instruments melded together. Before hand, when I thought of brass instruments, especially trumpets, I thought of the sharp notes often played in jazz; however, the smooth sounds from the five instruments infiltrated the room, completely filling my body with a calm peace. The musicians sat, fully engaged in the music that buzzed from their lips. I really enjoy this antiquated piece of music far more than I anticipated. The next song, called Four Times Five, was quite different from the first. Written by a modern composer, the song had a very different feeling from any other they played in the show. When they played …show more content…

Many of the musicians double as professors at different universities; therefore, their knowledge of the history of brass instruments is quite extensive. First, they played different sized conch shells, which is the first horns that formed into the song Happy Birthday.They then played many of the earliest models of the trumpet, which had no valves, and the trombone, that required one to move their whole body back and forth in order to hit different notes. Additionally, the Saint Louis Brass had a clear water hose with a funnel at the end of it as a horn. I was surprised that it made a beautiful sounds, even hitting different notes. After separately playing each peculiar instruments, they came together to play an adorable little diddy. As a future teach and lover of learning, I thoroughly enjoyed this section of their

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