St Lucia, An Annotated Bibliography

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From the age of 19-20 years old I, Natalie, started visiting, living and working in the UAE in 1998. I Left Abu Dhabi on the 5th September 2007. In December 2007 Eglan and I met in St Lucia. I was to work on a number of projects building government buildings in St Lucia where I met my engineer Husband who was working closely with me.

It involved ghetto areas to be moved and the people re-housed, over some time we started courting. While I was working in St Lucia I had been attacked by voodoo magic and had been robbed in my home. The voodoo which was performed on me involved a specific powder from a plant that had been planted in my bed and had the effects of 3rd degree burns and later we found that there had been chickens sacrificed and candles
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In St Lucia I had to have test scans for the pregnancy ( I WAS 9 MONTHS PREGNANT AT THAT TIME) I was called back for irregular test he never came with me I went alone, I felt alone the entire time I had been there. My Daughter and I returned home to London where we lived in the hotel from March 2011 until it was sold in 2013 I then moved back in with my parent’s and started working on another project for the UAE Company. During this time I traveled many times.
19TH April My daughter and I Traveled back from the UAE to London as my mother fell ill and was in hospital, she was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer that had already spread, because I was living with them and always had, I started nursing my Mother I was the only one out of my sisters that had the ability to do it, at this point Eglan had said he wanted me to start spending more time in St Lucia,
He had begun working on a simulator he wanted me to promote and sell in the UAE and had asked me to ask the UAE Company regarding that.

He came over and enrolled Zuri in school and discussed future schools with the head
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