Stage 2 Published 2012. This Stage Typically Builds Stage

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Stage 2 published 2012. This stage typically builds Stage 1 and directs towards the advancement of the clinical processes involved with patient care. Stage 3 rules also begun 2015 and will account for refining patient outcomes. For example, a research study shows that “Stage 3 is set to begin as an optional requirement for physicians and hospitals in 2017 and required in 2018 [1].” The new optional requirements give EHR vendors significant challenges to deliver successful certification standards in the program. The ability of electronic prescribing medication, exchange and transfer patient’s health information electronically between one another, and report on clinical data. The information technologies and advancements will also enhance…show more content…
This shows that the lack of the adequate understanding towards the use of new technologies will determine whether physicians are using their full potential. In some cases, the unpreparedness of most physicians to use new technologies, may raise another problem. This would be difficult when attempting to meaningfully use the system properly. A great way to leverage EHR to improve quality is to achieve meaningful use. For example, “the emergence of electronic health records (EHRs) also is complicating organizational efforts to define and disclose information [3].” By implementing and putting EHRs into action, it will benefit providers not just financially but also by reducing medical errors, and increasing the availability of records and data. The 2016 Report to Congress on HIT Progress stated that “many health care providers still face challenges accessing and viewing individuals’ electronic health information for a variety of reasons, including confusion about privacy and security considerations, cumbersome enrollment processes, or complex contracts with technology vendors [6].” Furthermore, meaningful use also elevates in legal issues, such as privacy threats on patients and data breaches. These may happen because electronic documents and electronic use of medical information could get exposed as they get implemented in health care services. In this case, private information of
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