Stakeholder Support For The New Pharmacy

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Change is inevitable and sometimes difficult for some to accept. It is a challenge trying to get stakeholders to buy into change, because it is impossible to satisfy everyone. Stakeholder support is important for the new pharmacy to succeed in the healthcare organization. “Involving stakeholders during all stages … can lead to early buy-in, successful program design, and establishment of long-term support for the program” (, 2014). If the stakeholders were not involved in some of the decisions and planning stages of the new pharmacy, they would be left feeling insecure and confused about the transition. Approaching the stakeholders with a good business plan will help alleviate some of the insecurities. According to Carr et, al …show more content…

If the pharmacy would offer discounted drugs, they could expect to see customers who are self-pay or do not have a prescription plan. Self-paying customers and those on a monthly budget would be attracted to discounted prices that the pharmacy could offer. Pharmacist could provide detailed information about the prescription and what drugs may counteract them, continuing the health management plan provided by the physician. After establishing the need for customer base, they would have to look at the competition and their buying patterns. One thing this pharmacy has is the availability to patient’s medical health history on hand; this would make the patient at ease knowing the pharmacist has knowledge of their medical history. According to Williams & Torrens (2008), “As patients and health care professionals have turned increasingly to medications as cost-effective alternatives to invasive surgery and hospitalization, spending on prescription medications has naturally increased” (263). Medicine is providing patients to live longer, healthier lives even though they might suffer from a chronic illness or disease. Showing stakeholders this information of increased prescription medications might help influence their decision to support the new pharmacy. An incentive of more financial income to the

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