Stalin 's Five Year Plan

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Communism is a theoretical system that creates a society where property is shared by everyone with equity. In order to make this society reality, Stalin had to advance Russia’s industrialization and create an efficient agriculture for economic support. To launch this system, he had to eliminate any pretext the peasantry had of independence and a culture of their own. For the success of his five- year plan, the peasants would have to cooperate and collectivize. The peasants did not want to share their land; they did not want to collectivize because that would take away their independence and their way of life (each group of people having their own culture). Consequently, the only way Stalin and the Politburo commenced the five-year plan was …show more content…

In Anton Chekhov’s “The Peasants”, the author describes the village as pleasing to see having a “winding river with its pretty tufted banks; and beyond the river another field, a herd, long strings of white geese”. The village was a beautiful place to see. The land’s appearance showed its fertility, which was caused by the peasants care of their land. Chekhov describes the distance between the fields to show how each peasant lived his separate life, so each field was cared for independently. Each peasant took care of their own lands and animals and had no need to regard the neighbor’s profits. However, in order for communism to form, the capitalist system of private property needed to be abolished and socialism established. The fundamental law of capitalism is making profit through privately owned production and the peasantry made profit through their independently owned land. The first phase of communist society, according to Lenin’s “State and Revolution” calls for “ the means of production …no longer the private property of individuals. The means of production belong to the whole of society”. To begin the process of constructing communism, all individuals in the society need to have the same relationship to the land as the other individuals. No one could claim land as their own or make production only for oneself. By sharing land one had to work the land in the same way the other individuals were because it was everyone’s land.

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