Standardized Testing Argumentative Essay

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Government in our school system is killing our academic advancements. Our teachers themselves have had to forget how they once thought to teach “the test”. Students are very much aware that the school systems want their money from the state and federal governments for the student’s attendance/ test scores. Where is the money going? Where do the students benefit?! What are the effects of the standardized test on teachers and students? The No Child Left Behind act is quite an ironic one, schools that didn’t meet the standards right away received extra funding to train teachers and improve their curriculums; yet these students have text books that are almost as old as they are ( if not older), outdated technology, and all they’ve learned is how to pass the standardized tests. These students have learned nothing valuable, with the exception of how to use deductive reasoning on a multiple choice test, and how to fill in a tiny bubble without going out of the line! This bubble has limited students more than anything; it takes away creativity, kind of like when a small child is using a coloring book; they …show more content…

How is this fair? Quite plainly, it’s not fair to the teachers or the students, but that is not what the state wants out of teachers anymore. The state wants teachers who can get students to pass the test without cheating. So where is the money that is supposed to help these students and teachers? Well, some of it goes to classes for the teachers to help them “stay in the lines”, and prep them to teach the

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