Argumentative Essay On Standardized Testing

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Is there an efficient and effective way of measuring ability? Throughout history, mankind has strived to find a feasible manner of tracking and comparing, their achievements and achievements in knowledge. Recently, this pursuit has led to the popularized use of standardized tests. However, standardized tests are not an effective way of measuring the knowledge of humanity. Although, if used properly, they can reflect the gathered information, it is not always correct. When implemented and data gathered correctly, in the best circumstance, standardized tests can reflect the teacher’s ability to teach. Their knowledge and ability to relate said knowledge can be effectively measured, by the scores of their students. As written by Grant Wiggins, about the proper use of standardized test, “reform of testing depends, however, on teachers’ recognizing that standardized testing evolved and proliferated because the school transcript became untrustworthy,“ (Wiggins 354). In this Wiggins describes how the modern tests developed because of a lack of trust. Teacher dishonestly turned in altered grades, for students, to fake successful teaching and learning. Because of this, these tests depict the students’ true knowledge learned. Another factor that promotes standardized test, is, as written by Wiggins “rather than seeing tests as after-the-fact devices for checking up on what students have learned, we should see them as instructional,” (Wiggins 354). By this Wiggins suggests that such
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