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Standardized testing is used practically worldwide for all sorts of various criterion. A

standardized test could be used for getting into a top of the line college, or to see if you meet the

requirements for a job. Such tests include the well known ACTs and SATs. There are many

different ways that standardized tests can be graded. Norm-Referenced, and Criterion-Referenced

forms of grading are just a couple of the types of tests. Tests can also be easily misused and are

often protested.

Often times in order to persue a certain career, before you are employed it is necessary to see how you rate in comparison to the company?s standards. If you were to, for instance, become a pizza maker for Pizza …show more content…


Bush wants tests to be used to tell if in fact the student has taken in the standard amount of knowledge they should have while in that grade. Getting eighty out of one-hundred questions would not be bad neither. That is because often times, questions are thrown in that may not have necessarily been something the student would have learned during his third grade year but rather his fourth grade year. If the student does answer those questions correctly the student is advanced and know more than the standard amount of information that was taught to them. Under Bush?s plan, if a large amount of students are not meeting state standards of what they should be learning, then tax money will be yanked away from that school. In this case, it is crucial that all teachers do their job in teaching children the standard information required to be known by a specific grade or skill level. If the standard information is taught thoroughly and correctly then it should be easy for the student to take a standardized test and come out equal to or ahead of set standards. A Norm-Referenced test compare a person?s score against the scores of a group of people who have already taken the same exam, called the ?norming group.?

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