Standardized Tests Don 't Measure Intelligence Essay

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Standardized Tests Don’t Measure Intelligence Students intelligence is often measured by standardized tests, but these students are at their worst while taking the test and it does not accurately measure their intelligence. Students are stressed, nervous, or simply do not take tests well. Standardized tests also don’t show how hard working a student is, which is important and can be proven by a GPA. Many schools measure the teacher and school on how well they are teaching based on how high of a score the students place on a standardized test. The problem with this is that the people who make these standardized tests have no idea what the students have learned in the classroom so that being said, the students often are not tested on what their teacher has taught them during the school year. W. James Popham explains the mismatch of standardized tests and what students are taught: To illustrate the seriousness of the mismatch that can occur between what 's taught locally and what 's tested through standardized achievement tests, educators ought to know about an important study at Michigan State University reported in 1983 by Freeman and his colleagues. These researchers selected five nationally standardized achievement tests in mathematics and studied their content for grades 4–6. Then, operating on the very reasonable assumption that what goes on instructionally in classrooms is often influenced by what 's contained in the textbooks that children use,
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