Standardized Tests have a Negative Effect on Education Essay

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Each education class that I have taken has further changed my notion of what a teacher actually does. Strangely, the painstaking hours of taking standardized tests in elementary and middle school slipped my mind. I attended the private high school, Lee Academy, so that could be another reason as to why I do not remember the standardized tests. Since 9th grade I have only had to take the PSAT’s and SAT’s. The presentation by the RSU #34 members freshened my memory however. A teacher does not simply teach the material out of a textbook, administer an assessment over the material and then grade it. A teacher and the student have so much more to do with school than just the basics that were done in school generations ago. In today’s world, …show more content…

I was able to comprehend what the Smarter Balanced question was asking relatively easily. That is something that I struggled to do on the SAT’s my junior and even senior year. The use of technology also seems beneficial in a society driven by technology. I would be fascinated to learn more about the Smarter Balanced test and see if my notion will stay the same or evolve. Overall though, I believe a change from the SAT’s is necessary and I hope a test similar to the Smarter Balanced test will replace it. I liked how the Smarter Balanced test is more accommodating to needs. As was said in class today, someone reading the SAT’s can have a great affect on the person’s performance. The Smarter Balanced test has a solution for that by allowing the use of headphones so the test taker can hear the question. Some people have legitimate disabilities and they need accommodations, so it was eye opening to see how the Smarter Balanced test will be tackling the issue. One reflection that I would like to make about the assigned reading was how standardized tests can show a student’s strengths and weaknesses. Yes that is a true statement, but as Mr. Doty said, the standardized test needs to come back quickly; otherwise getting it back halfway through the year is useless. The student’s would have already developed and/or changed. That is an issue I see with the Smarter Balanced test. Will the test be turned back in an appropriate time or will it

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