Standards And Norms Of Juvenile Justice System

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Chapter - Two Literature review I. Part – one : International and regional Standards and Norms of Juvenile Justice 2. Juvenile Justice framework 2.1. The general concepts of Juvenile Justice system A Juvenile Justice System encompasses legislation, norms, standards, guidelines, policies, procedures, mechanisms, provisions, institutions and bodies specifically applicable to children in conflict with the law who are over the age of criminal responsibility. It is the involvement of a combination of varies governmental and non-governmental bodies, agencies, departments, organizations and institutions; such as police, prosecutors, lawyers, judiciary, social welfare bodies, educational institutions, probation services, detention facilities, community-based non-governmental organizations and so on. A comprehensive juvenile justice system may not exist in every country. 2.2. Standards and norms of juvenile justice 2.2.1. …show more content…

Juvenile courts also need to be established either as separate units or as part of existing regional or district courts, for specialized services. States should establish a ‘child-sensitive’ environment to promote friendly communication and to draw the child into the process/proceeding more effectively as an active participant. And states are recommended to appoint specialized judges or magistrates to deal with juvenile case. Article 40(3) of the CRC recommends the establishment and development of child-specific laws, procedures, regulations, and guidelines, codes of practice, authorities and institutions applicable for children. As a result, states legislation should provide specialized children’s units, which is comprehended with the special units of police, prosecutor’s office, court administration, social services and probation

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